SGGS Angg 563.

Raag Wadhans (Vadhans) M.5

A Sikh pleads with God. May I never forget You. I find joy in remembering You. If I forget You, I am stricken with misery.

O Lord, Merciful to the wretched/lowly ones, may I never forget You; I have taken Your Sanctuary, O Perfect, Compassionate Master.

“Vissar nahi Prabh Deen Dyaala; Teri Sharan Pooran Kirpaala.”(rahao).

Wherever You come to mind, that place is blessed; the moment I forget You, I am stricken with regret/sadness/misery.

“Jeh chit aave so thaan suhaava; jit vela visray ta laage haava.”

All beings are Yours, and You are their Constant Companion; please give me Your Hand and pull me out of this world ocean.

“Tere jee Tu sadh hi Sathee; sansaar saagar te kadh de Hathee.”

Coming and going was put in place by Your Will; one whom You save, does not undergo any suffering.

“Aavan jaana tum hi keeya; jis Tu rakhe tis dookh na theeya.”

You are the One and only Master. There is no other; Nanak declares so (that You are One) with his palms pressed together  (in utter humility).

“Tu Eko Sahib avar na horh; binho kare Nanak kar jorh.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Wadhans