SGGS Angg 1420

Slok no. 58, Slok Vaaran Tey Vadheek M.3

In the 67 Sloks Vaaran Te Vadeek by Guru Amardas Ji (1413 – 1421), there are 5 Sloks in reference to a babeeha (it is a mystical reference to a Sikh who thirsts for a dewdrop of Amrit Naam to totally quench his thirst). With the Grace of the Satguru, the babeeha sees a rise in avastha in each succeeding Slok.

Beginning with Slok no. 54, the babeeha has love for God and recites His Name often.

“Babeha Prio Prio kare Jalnidh prem pyaar.”

In Slok 55 the babeeha is told by the Guru that his cries for Union with the Lord will only bear fruit if he expresses his love in the Sharan of the Satguru as a gurmukh.

“Boleya tera thaaye pavhe gurmukh hoye alaaiye.”

Slok no. 56 tells the babeeha to look for the Lord within himself, and only the Satguru can show the Lord to him.

“Sabh kich tere naal hai Satgur diya dikhaaiye.”

The babeeha is told in Slok 57 to ensure that His Name always abides in his mind, and the Lord in His Mercy shall erase all karmic bondages and Grant Salvation.

“Nanak Naamo mann vasse Har Dargeh leh chadaaiye.”

In the final babeeha Slok (58) in this larhi, the babeeha is told that the Lord dwells in every heart. Keep to Naam. He knows your inner desires and can fulfil them even if you do not express your wishes aloud.

O babeeha you may wander all over the earth and soar high in the skies; only when you meet the Satguru, will you obtain the Water (Amrit) and you will be relieved of thirst and hunger.

“Babeeha sagli dharti je firhe udh charhe akaas; Satgur milhe Jal paaiye chukay bhukh pyaas.”

He owns Everything, even your soul and body belong to Him; since He knows Everything without even being told, it is not necessary to plead before anyone else.

“Jio pind sabh Tis ka sabh kich Tis ke paas; vin boleya sabh kich jaanda kis aage kiche ardaas.”

Nanak says, the One Lord pervades and permeates in every heart, He manifests Himself through the Shabad.

“Nanak ghat ghat Eko vartdaa Shabad kare pargaas.”

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