SGGS Angg 207.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.5

A Sikh who has been blessed with deep understanding by the Guru, now pleads for Naam and Darshan.

I understand now that whatever You do – that alone comes to pass; Please meet me my Beloved.

“Milho Pyare Jia; Prabh kiya Tumara theeya.”(rahao).

I have gone through so many incarnations, and wandered around lost. Each time I endured so much suffering and pain; Lord, now, with Your Grace, I have this human life, please bless me with Your Darshan.

“Anik janam baho johni bhramiya bahur bahur dukh paaya;Tumri kirpa te manukh deh payee hai deho daras Har Raiya.”

I know now that whatever happened was Pleasing to Your Will. There is no other Doer. By Your Will, I was caught in delusion of attachment and doubt and was asleep, never awake (to the True Reality of things).

“Soyee hova jo Tis Bhana avar na kin hee keeta; Tumre Bhaney bharam moh mohya jaagat nahi sutaa.”

Please hear my prayer O Beloved, Lord of life, Ocean of Mercy; save me O my Father, God. I am an orphan. Please cherish me.

“Binho sunho Tum Pranpat Pyare Kirpa Nidh Dyalaa; rakh leho Pita Prabh mere anatha kar pritpalaa.”

Whoever has been blessed by Your Darshan, has been on account of Sadhsanggat, the Company of the holy; Nanak yearns for this peace – bless me with the dust of the feet of Your Saints (Guru).

“Jis nu Tumhe dikhaiyo Darshan sadhsangat ke pachey; kar kirpa dhoor deho santan ki sukh Nanak eh banshey.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree