SGGS Angg 749

Raag Suhi M.5.

God is the Life Force in all. He is the Bestower of all Gifts. It is His Will that operates throughout.

A Sikh sings praises of the awesome powers of God.

When it Pleases You You inspire us to chant Your Name. Any peace we enjoy is actually given by You. I accept Your Will.

“Mere Ram Rai jio rakhe tio rehiye”

“Tudh bhave ta Naam japave sukh tera dita lahiye”(rahao)

The Satguru is verily God Himself; He is the Doer.

“Parbrahm Parmeshar Satgur aape karnehaara”

Your servant begs the dust of Your Feet. I am a sacrifice to Your Blessed Darshan.

“Charan dhurr teri sewak maange tere darshan ko balihara”

In the rahao the Sikh says, O my Sovereign Lord as You preserve me, I remain; as it Pleases You, You inspire me to chant Your Name. You alone, can grant me peace.

“Mere Raam Rai jio rakhe tio rehiye; tudh bhave ta Naam japavhe sukh Tera ditta lahiye.”(rahao).

This service to You, which You, Yourself inspire us to do, gives us liberation, comfort and a dignified lifestyle; that place is heavenly (Sachkhand), where Your Praises are sung; You, Yourself instill faith in us.

“Mukat bhugat jugat Teri sewa jis Tu Aap karaihe; taha Baikunth jeh Kirtan Tera Tu Aape sharda laayeh.”

As I meditate upon Your Name continually, my body and mind gets enraptured; I wash Your Lotus Feet (cherish Your Bani), and drink in this Water. My Satguru is Merciful to the helpless.

“Simar simar simar Naam jiva tann mann hoye nihalaa; Charan Kamal Tere dhoye dhoye peeva mere Satguru Deen Dyala.”

I am so grateful for that blessed moment which brought me to Your Door; God has been compassionate to Nanak. I have met (merged with) the True Guru (Shabad).

“Kurban jayee us vela suhavee jit Tumre Duarey aaya; Nanak ko Prabh bhaye kirpala Pura Satgur payaa.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Tudh bhave ta Naam japave sukh tera dita lahiye