SGGS Angg 97.

Ràag Majh M.5

A Sikh sings Praises of God.

Sweet is that season when I remember You; sublime is that task done in Your Service; blessed is that heart in which You dwell O Giver of all.

“Sa rutt suhavi jit Tudh samali; so kam suhela jo Teri ghaali; so ridha suhela jit ridhay Tu vutha sabhna ke Datara Jio.”

My Father, You are Universal Father and Master of all; Your Inexhaustible Treasure has the nine treasures; those unto whom You give, get true satisfaction, such are Your Saints.

“Tu Sanjha Sahib Baap hamara; nao nidh Tere akhut bhandara; jis Tu deh so tripat aghave soyee bhagat Tumara Jio.

All place their hopes in You; You dwell deep within each and every heart; aĺl share in Your Grace, none are beyond Your Reach.

“Sabh ko aase Teri betha; ghat ghat antar Tu hai vutha; sabhe sanjhival sadayein Tu kisse na dissay bahra jio.”

You Yourself liberate the gurmukhs; You Yourself consign the self willed manmukhs to wander in reincarnation; slave Nanak is a sacrifice unto You. Lord, it is all Your Play that is manifest.

“Tu Aape gurmukh mukat karaye; Tu Aape manmukh janam bhavaye; Nanak daas Tere bailhare sabh Tera khel dasahara Jio.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Majh