SGGS Angg 103.

Raag Majh M.5.

Our true Father and Mother is Nirankar Ji. A Sikh with this realization in him sings.

“Tu mera Pita tu hai mera Mata. Tu mera bandap tu mera bhrata”

There is further eightenment that God is the True Protector. With that inner assurance the Sikh says..

“Tu mera rakha sabni thayee ta bhao keha karha jio”

Even this realisation that has dawned upon me about Your Nature, was due to You Grace; You are my Shelter and my Honor; there is none other besides You, the entire Universe is the Arena of Your Play.

“Tumri Kirpa te Tudh pechana; Tu meri ote Tu hai mera maana  Tujh bin dujja avar na koyee sabh Tera khel akhara jio.”

You created all beings and creatures; as it Pleases You, You put them to their various tasks; all things are done by You. By ourselves we can do nothing. (It is our haumai which makes us think we are doing something ourselves).

“Jee jantt sabh Tudh upaaye; jit jit Bhana titt titt laaye; sabh kich kita Tera hovay nahi kich asaarha jio.”

Meditating upon His Name I have found great Peace; Singing His Praises, my mind is soothed and cooled; Nanak says through the Perfect Guru (Shabad) congratulations pour in, and I have been victorious in the battle. (against maya and it’s cohorts).

“Naam dhiaye maha sukh paaya; Har gunn gaaye mera mann sitalaiya; Gur Purey vajji vadaiyee Nanak jitta bikhara jio.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Majh