SGGS Angg 201.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.5

All of us live in some home. Some own the home, some rent it, some share with others. Some unfortunate one use a park bench to spend the night. All have some physical area which is their place of rest. Within our bodies too, the Gurus say there is a nijhi ghar, our true home – our true origin. This nijhi ghar is in our minds where God Himself resides. It is at a Plane/Dimension beyond maya, decay, disease or any other. Only God dwells there. A rare person as a gurmukh reaches that Plane (avastha), with Gur Parsad.

“Aggam roop ka mann me Thanaa; Gur Parsad kinne virlay jaanaa.”(Ang 185).

In this Shabad, Guru Ji advises the Sikh to remain steady in the home of his own self; as you reach there, the Satguru resolves all your affairs.

“Thirr kar baisso Har jan pyare; Satgur tumre kaaj saware.”(rahao).

The Lord strikes down the wicked and evil; the Creator Lord preserves the honor of His servants.

“Dusht doot Parmeshar marey; jann ki paij rakhi Kartarey.”

He places emperors and kings under His Power; (in the nijhi ghar – at that Plane), he drinks in the most sublime essence of Naam.

“Baadshah shah sabh vass kar dinay; amrit Naam maha rass pinay.”

He becomes fearless as he meditates upon the Lord; and he receives this Gift in Sadhsanggat.

“Nirbhao hoye bhajo Bhagvaan; Sadhsanggat mil kinno daan.”

I have taken the Sanctuary of the Knower of hearts; Nanak holds tight to the Support of the Lord Master.

“Sharan parey Prabh Antarjamee; Nanak Ote pakri Prabh Suami.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree