SGGS Angg 795.

Raag Bilaaval (Bilawal) M.1

Guru Ji speaks with God. It is an address in utter humility, at the same time, admiring God’s Glory. As one reads the Shabad you will notice the comfortable relationship Guru Ji has with God. Full of love and admiration for God, yet always steeped in humility.

You are an Emperor yet I call You a (mere) Chief. How can this add to Your Greatness?; as is the understanding You have bestowed upon me, I Praise You. I myself am ignorant, and I know not how to sing Your Glories.

“Tu Sultan kaha hao Miya Teri kavan vadayee; jo Tu deh so kaha Suami mai murakh kahan na jayee.”

Please bless me with such understanding that I may sing Your Glorious Praises; which will help me dwell in Truth according to Your Will.

“Tere gunn gaava deh bujhayee; jaise Sach me raho rajayee.”(rahao)

Whatever has happened has all come from You, You are All Knowing; Your Limits can never be known, O my Lord and Master. I am blind, what cleverness of mine can avail against You?.

“Jo kich hova sabh kich Tujh te Teri sabh asnayee; Tera antt na jaana mere Sahib mai andhule kya chaturayee.”

What can I describe, describe and see?. I cannot describe the Indescribable; as it Pleases You I speak, this is merely a tip of Your Glories.

“Kya hao kathi kathe kath dekha mai Akath na kathna jayee; jo Tudh bhave soyee aakhan til Teri vadiayee.”

Amongst so many dogs (lowly creatures) I am an outcast, and I bark for my body’s belly; even if Nanak is wanting in Saintly devotion, the Glories of my Master do not ever decrease.

“Etay kukar hao begana bhaunka eis tann tayee; bhagat heen Nanak je hoyega tao Khasme Naoo na jayee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Bilaaval