SGGS Angg 743.

Raag Suhi M.5.

A Sikh prays to be blessed with the Gift of Naam.

O Beloved Lord please bless me with that auspiscious time; when I may chant Your Name with my tongue.

“Se sanjogh karo mere Pyare; jit rasna Har Naam ucharey.”

O Lord, Merciful to the lowly, the Saints always sing Your Praises with joy.

“Sunn bentee Prabh Deen Dyala; Sadh gaavhe gunn sada rasalaa.”(rahao).

Remembrance upon Your Name infuses life in us; in Your Grace, You dwell near at hand.

“Jiwan roop simran Prabh Tera; jis kirpa kare basse tis nera.”

Your Name is the Food which satisfies Your humble servants; You are the Great Giver, Lord.

“Jan ki bhukh Tera Naam ahaar; Tu Data Prabh Devanhaar.”

The Saints get great joy in reciting Your Name; Nanak says the Great Giver is All Knowing.

“Raam ramatt santan sukh maana; Nanak Devanhaar Sujaana.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Suhi