SGGS Angg 243.

Shantt M.1.

Shantts or Shands are usually sung at marriages. Gentle fun is poked at relatives amid the merrymaking and most engage in light banter.

The Gurus used Shantts with a spiritual theme. The setting is still a wedding. But it centres around the wedding of the jeev isteri with her Husband Lord within her. Before the Union, there are pangs of separation – bairaag/birha and other experiences of the jeev.

In this Shantt by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, there are 4 padas. The ragi Singh ji sings the 1st pada here.

The jeev isteri beseeches her Husband. I am alone in this wilderness( very often we hear it said “it’s a jungle out there) ; how can I find comfort without You, my Carefree Husband,?

“Sun Naha Prabhu jio ekalrhi ban mahe ; kio dhiregi Nah bina Prabhu Veprahey”

I cannot live without You ; the night is so painful for me ; sleep does not come. I am in love with You, my Beloved please listen to my prayer.

“Dhan Nah bajho reh na sakey bikham rein andheriya ; neh neend aave prem bhave sun benanti meriya ”

Besides my Beloved no one cares for me; I cry all alone in the wilderness ; Nanak the bride meets her Husband when He so Wills ; without her Husband she cries out in pain.

“Bajho Pyare koi na saare ekalrhi kurlaye ; Nanak sa dhan milay milaaiye bin Pritam dukh paaye”.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad kirtan is available on YouTube

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