SGGS Angg 183.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.5.

Our Satguru Ji is Shabad. As you sing Bani (Shabad), you get absorbed in the dhuni (sound current/ waves) of the Shabad, and sahaj subhai, with Gur Parsad, enlightenment dawns upon you.
Your dhyan gets focused on the mystical sound current inherent in the Shabad, and it is this inner dhyan which leads to inner wisdom welling up within you. As gurmukh, you get absorbed into the Lord’s akath kahani i.e. His Mystery which is akath – beyond words.

“Dhun meh dhyan dhyan meh jaaniya gurmukh akath kahani.” (Ang 878).

As you get blessed to have Darshan of the Satguru, your fires of worldly desires are quenched; as you merge into the Satguru (Shabad), your ego is subdued; in the company of the Satguru (Shabad), your mind will not waver; the gurmukh recites the Ambrosial Bani.

“Satgur darshan aggan nivari; Satgur bhetat haumai mari; Satgur sang nahi mann dolay; Amrit Bani gurmukh bolay.”

As he gets colored with love for the True One, he sees the True One pervading the entire world; he becomes cooled and tranquil, as he is given enlightenment about God through the Guru.

“Sabh jagh Sacha ja Sach meh ratey; sheetal shaant Gur te Prabh jaatey.” (rahao).

One chants the Lord’s Name by the Grace of the Saints (Guru); and by their Grace, he sings the Lord’s Praises; by the Grace of the Saints (Guru), all pains are erased; by the Grace of the Saints, one is released from bondage.

“Sant Parsad jappe Har Naao; Sant Parsad Har kirtan gaao; Sant Parsad saggal dukh mittay; Sant Parsad bandhan te chutay.”

By the Mercy of the Saints (Guru), emotional attachment and doubt are removed; take a bath at the feet of the holy (cleanse your mind) – this is a true righteous action; by the Grace of the Saints, the Lord bestows Mercy on you; the holy Saints are my very life and soul.

“Sant kirpa te mittay moh bharam; Sadh rein majjan sabh dharam; Sadh Kirpal Dyal Govind; Sadha meh eh hamri jindh.”

By His Mercy I mediated upon the Merciful Lord; and found a seat in Sadhsanggat; I am without merits, yet the Lord Granted His Mercy to me; Nanak now sings His Name (Attributes) in holy company.

“Kirpa Nidh Kirpal dhiavho; Sadhsang ta bethan paavho; mohe nirgun ko Prabh kinni dya; Sadhsang Nanak Naam lehya.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree