SGGS Angg 23.

Raag Sri Raag M.1.

Guru Ji speaks about death. One can only engage in revelries so long as our bodies are fresh and strong. But such days are few and the body cloak grows weary (old and feeble) fast.

“Rang maan le pyarea ja jobhan nau hula: din thorrhre thakey bheya purana chola” (rahao).

Guru Ji starts the Shabad by stating wealth, the radiance of youth, flowers are guests for a few days only. Like the petals of the water lily all wither, fade and die.

“Dhan joban aur fulhraa nathiaarey din chaar; paban kere pat jio dhal dhul jumanhaar”

A jeev isteri cries out. My cheerful friends have all gone to sleep in their graves; in my lowly state, I shall have to go there as well. I cry in a feeble voice.

“Sajjan mere rangulaey jaye sutey jeeran; ham bhi vanjaa dumnee rova cheeni baan.”

(jeeran is an Arabic word for graveyard. All the bodies are buried in neat rows, and are neighbours. The Malay word “jiran,” finds its root here).

The jeev isteri is asked. Did you not ever hear with your own ears about this infallible truth?; that once you receive a call from your in laws (hereafter), you can no longer stay in your parents house (in this world).

“Ki na suniaye goriye aapan kanni soye; laggi aave sahurey nit na peiyaa hoye.”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji concludes the Shabad with stark, honest advice.

Nanak says, know that she who is asleep (without enlightenment, Naam) in her parents house (this world), is plundered in broad daylight; she loses her bouquet of merits and departs with a bundle of bondages.

“Nanak suti peiyeh jaan virtee sann; gunna gavahee ganthree avggan chali bann.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Sri Raag