SGGS Angg 902

Raag Ramkali M.9

Guru Ji describes a conversation between a Sikh and wise members of the Guru’s Sanggat.
The Sikh asks for guidance.

Holy people, which way should I now adopt?; by which my evil inclinations will be dispelled, and the mind gets drenched in worship of the Lord.

“Sadho kaun jugat ab kijjay; ja te durmat saggal binasay Raam bhagat mann bhijjay.”(rahao).

My mind is entangled in maya, and knows nothing about spiritual wisdom; what is that Name, by which the world meditating upon it, might reach the State of Infinite Freedom?.

“Mann maya me urjh rehiyo hai bujhay neh kach gyanaa; kaun Naam jag ja ke simray pavhe padh nirbanaa.”

The Saintly ones were kind and compassionate, and told me this; do understand that one who sings Praises of the Lord, has performed every religious discipline and duty.

“Bhaye Dyal Kirpaal Sant jann tab eh baat bataiyee; sarab dharam maano teh kiye jeh Prabh Kirat gayee.”

The Guru concludes.

One who truly enshrines the Lord’s Name in his heart night and day, even for an instant; Nanak says, he has his fears of death eradicated, and lives a life of fulfillment.

“Raam Naam nar niss basar me nimakh ek urh dharey; jamm ko trass mitay Nanak teh apno janam savaarey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Sadho kaun jugat ab kijjay; ja te durmat saggal binasay Raam bhagat mann bhijjay