SGGS Angg 657

Raag Sorath – Bhagat Namdev Ji.

A sakhi about Bhagat Namdev Ji says, Bhagat Ji’s house was burnt down. He prayed to God, and it was miraculously rebuilt overnight. The sakhi says, this Shabad records a conversation between a neighbor lady and Bhagat Ji.

The sakhi aside, a deep look at the Shabad suggests that the neighbor ( satsangan), is inquiring as to how Bhagat Ji managed to construct such an amazing spotless inner home (avastha), and began to dwell in his nijhi ghar.

The woman next door asked Namdev Ji. “Who built your house?”; I shall pay him double wages. Pray, tell me “Who is your Carpenter?”.

“Parh padosan puch le Nama ka peh shaan shaviye ho; to peh dugnee majuree deho moh ko bedi deho batayee ho.”

Bhagat Ji replies.

O sister, I cannot give this Carpenter to you; behold, this Carpenter is pervading everywhere; this Carpenter is the Support of my very breath of life.

“Ri baee bedi dehn na jayee; dekh bedi rehiyo samayee; hamare bedi pran adharaa.” (rahao).

This Carpenter demands the wages of love if anyone wants Him to build their house; as one breaks off bondages with people, relatives and everything, then, the Carpenter comes on His own accord.

“Bedi preet majuree maangay jo kouu shaan shavave ho; log kotumb sabhu te toray tao aapan Bedi aave ho.”

I cannot describe the Glory of such a Carpenter who is contained in everything and is everywhere; (it is like) the mute tastes the most sublime ambrosial nectar, but if you ask him to describe it, he cannot.

“Aiso Bedi baran na sako sabh antar sabh thayee ho; gunge maha amrit rass chakhya puche kahan na jayee ho.”

O sister, listen to the Virtues of this Carpenter. He keeps the oceans in check and established Dhroo as the pole star; Namdev’s Lord and Master brought back Sita, and established Bhibikhan on the throne of Lanka.

“Bedi ke gunn sun ri baee jaladh baandh Dhroo thapio ho; Namay ke Suami See bahuri Lank Bhibkhan apio ho.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Ri baee bedi dehn na jayee; dekh bedi rehiyo samayee; hamare bedi pran adharaa.