SGGS Angg 724.

Raag Tilang M.5

As we move on in life we face tremendous pressures. From the office, home, relationships, health, finances.
Guruji gives tremendous reassurance in this Shabad. You must not “dolh” i.e. you must not waver, and must persevere in your prayers. The Lord is always Merciful.

Merciful, the Lord is always Merciful; my Lord Master is always Merciful; He gives His Gifts to all beings.

“Mehervan Sahib Mehervan; Sahib mera Mehervan; jee saggal ko devay daan.”(rahao).

Why do you waver O mortal, the Creator Lord shall protect you; He who created you will also give you Support  (nourishment).

“Tu kahe dolay praaneya tudh rakhega Sirjanhar; jin pedaish tu kiya soyee deh adhar.”

The One who created the world takes care of it too; in each and every heart and mind, the Lord Master is the true Cherisher.

“Jin upayee medhni soyee karda saar; ghat ghat Malik dilan ka Sacha Parvardigar.”

His creative potency and His worth can never be estimated. He is the Great and Carefree Lord; O human beings meditate upon the Lord so long as there is breath in your body.

“Kudrat keem na jaaniye Vadda Vepervah; kar bande tu bandgi jichar ghat me sah.”

God, You are All Powerful, Inexpressible, Beyond Comprehension. My mind and body are Your capital; Nanak’s prayer always is that, in Your Mercy, may I receive lasting peace.

“Tu Samrath Akath Agochar jio pind Teri raas; Reham Teri sukh paaya sada Nanak ki ardas.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Tilang