SGGS Angg 1072.

Raag Maroo – Maru Solhe M.5

The Shabad has 15 padas. This is from padas 11-15.

In the earlier part of the Solha, Guru Ji describes a delightful conversation between the body and the jeev. The body thinks it can last forever, and it ignores the numerous pleas by the jeev that it has to leave sooner or later. The jeev atma says the body should conduct itself in such a way that it leads to Union of the jeev with God within the body. But the body is led by the mann which goes on frolics of it’s own resulting in further karmic bondage for the jeev. The jeev warns the body.

“pir kehiya hao hukmi banda; oh Bharo Thakur jis kaan na chanda; jichar rakhe tichar tum sang rehna ja saddey ta uth sidhasa he.”

Despite such warnings, the body laughs off such sage advice and Guru Ji says “oh baat jaane kar hassa he.”

The inevitable happens, and the jeev is plucked out of the body leaving it crumpled into a mound of dust.

“Aayi aagya pirho bulaieya; na dhan puchi na matta pakaeya; uth sidaeiyo chutar matti dekh Nanak mithan mohasa re.”

The root of the whole matter was the mann. It causes the body to act and the results of it’s actions through “mann bach karam” are written on the jeev and it has to endure the Writ of such karmas.

Guru Ji now advises the mann about all the missed opportunities and the waste chance at Union while there is a human body.

Oh greedy mind, listen; (you should) serve the Satguru (Shabad) night and day forever; without the True Guru, those who chase after energies and pleasures of maya (sakatt), die without a Guru, and have the noose of death and miseries around their necks.

“Re mann lobhi sunn mann mere; Satgur sev dinn raat saderey; bin Satgur pachh muve sakatt nigurey gall jamm phassa he.”

The manmukh comes and goes; the manmukh suffers (karmic) beatings again and again; the manmukh endures as many hells as there are, whilst the gurmukh is not even touched by them.

“manmukh aave manmukh jaave; manmukh firr firr chota khaave; jitne narak se manmukh bhogay gurmukh lep na maasa he.”

He alone is a gurmukh who is pleasing to the Lord; who can destroy anyone who is robed with honor by the Lord?; such a blissful one is always in bliss, dressed in special robes of honor by the Lord.

“Gurmukh soye je Har Jio bhaaya; tis kaun mittave je Prabh pehraieya; sada anand kare anandi jis sirpao bheya gall khaasa he.”

I am eternally grateful to my Perfect Guru; He Gives Sanctuary, and is a Heroic Warrior who always keeps His Word; the Lord God, the Giver of Peace has met me, He never abandons me, nor goes elsewhere.

“Hao balihari Satgur Purey; Sharan ke Datey Bachan ke Surey; aisa Prabh miliya Sukhdata vicharh na katt hi jaasa he.”

He is the Treasure of Virtue, and His Value can never be estimated; He is Perfectly permeating and pervading every heart; Nanak has taken the Sanctuary of the Lord, the Dispeller of pains of the miserable ones, and I am the dust of the feet of His slaves.

“Gunn Nidhan kich keem na payee; ghat ghat purh rehiyo sabh thayee; Nanak Sharan Deen Dukh Bhanjan hao rein Tere jo daasa he.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Maroo