Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji went on many tours preaching the importance of Naam.

On one of His journeys Guru Ji preached at Benares. From Benares, Guruji did not go to Patna but made a detour to Sasaram, a district of Bihar, 80 kilometers southeast of Benares.

At Sasaram there already existed a Sikh Sanggat led by Phaggu Mal affectionately known as Chacha Phaggu.

Bhai Phaggu had built a new house but did not occupy it in his simple faith that the Guru would come and bless his new home before he moved in.

He had built a high portico and had wished the Master would come into his house without having to dismount His horse.

His wish was fulfilled when in 1666 Guruji rode straight into Bhai Phaggu’s house. Bhai Phaggu was spellbound and overwhelmed with joy.

At last he broke out of his joyous shock and metha tek to Guruji. He received Guruji’s blessings and Guruji stayed with the Sanggat for almost 21 days.

Sikh history holds that it was here that Guruji expressed the 1st Shabad of Raag Jaijavanti.

Raag Jaijavanti (1352-3), is the shortest of the 31 Raags in SGGS Ji. It has 4 Shabads by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

Guruji tells us all to lovingly remember the Lord.

“Ram simar Ram simar eihe tere kaaj hai”

We are told to give up our hold on perishables (maya), and to always be in the Sharan of the Lord.

“Maya ko sang tyaag Prabh ju ki Sharan laag”

We are reminded that the pleasures of the world, worldly honours, are false and temporary and it is all an illusion.

“Jagat sukh maan mithiya jhutho sabh saaj hai” (Rahao).

The wealth you have is just like a dream; why do you place so much pride in it.

“Supne jio dhan pechaan kahe par kartt maan”

The empires of the world are mere collapsible walls of sand.

“Baalu ki peet jaise’ basodha ko raaj hai”

Guruji says I speak eternal Truths; your body will perish and pass away.

” Nanak jan kahat baat binss jehe tero gaat”

Moment by moment your life ebbs away; so shall today fade away too.

“Shin shin kar gyo kaal taise’ jaat aaj hai”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Ram simar Ram simar eihe tere kaaj hai