SGGS Angg 889.

Raag Ramkali M.5.

Man tends to put too much focus on worldly success and possessions. Yes, effort must be made to earn an honest living.

Besides that, Guru Ji advises His Sikhs that their focus should be upon prayer to the Lord. In this Shabad Guru Ji gently tells all Sikhs that true fulfillment comes only from Naam, not worldliness and wealth.

The rahao says you must sing the Praises of the All Pervading Lord my friend, and your honor shall be preserved; as you remember the Lord in meditation, the miseries of death will not touch you.

“Ram Naam gunn gaye le meeta Har simrat teri laaj rahe; Har simrat jamm kachu na kahe”(rahao).

The Shabad starts with Guru Ji advising us that our homes, power, wealth will be of no use to us; the entanglements of maya will be of no use; know that your dear friends are all false (perishable); Only the Name of the Lord will go along with you.

“Tere kaaj na greh raj maal; tere kaaj na bikhe janjaal; eist meet jaan sabh shalley; Har Har Naam sang tere challey”

Without the Lord’s Name all pursuits are useless; gold, silver and wealth are mere dust; reciting the Guru’s Shabad you shall find peace; here and hereafter, your face will be radiant and bright.

“Bin Har sagal nirarath kaam; soena rupa maati daam; Gur ka Shabad jaap man sukha; eiha uhaa tero ujjal mukha”

The wealthiest and the greatest worked till they were exhausted; the tasks of maya never brought fulfillment; the humble person who recites the Name of the Lord; will have all his hopes fulfilled.

“Kar kar thakey vadey vaderey; kinhi na kiye kaaj maya purey; Har Har Naam japhe jan koye; ta ki aasa puran hoye”

The Name of the Lord is the anchor and support of the Lord’s Saints; the Saints are victorious in this priceless life; whatever the Saint does, the Lord accepts and approves; slave Nanak is a sacrifice to Him.

“Har Bhagtan ko Naam adhaar; Santi jeeta janam apaar; Har Sant kare soyee parvaan; Nanak das ta ke kurbaan”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Ramkali

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