SGGS Ang 345

Raag Gauree (Gauri) –  Bhagat Namdev Ji

The ragi sings Bhagat Ji’s Shabad which describes 10 persons who were saved as the recited the Lord’s Name.

One aspect of Bhagat Bani to note is that the Bhagats always stress they prayed to “Ram,” the Rameiya hoya, the all Pevading Lord. Most of the Bhagats were from Hindu backgrounds where the norm was to pray to idols and devi devas. The Bhagats have stressed in their Bani that their prayer was not addressed to any physical image caught in time and space but an all Pervading Lord who was Niranjan, beyond maya, and beyond time and space.

In the Shabad herein Bhagat Ji stresses in the rahao “Ram kehat jan kass na taray”.

Later Bhagat Ji again says.

“Hao bal bal jin Ram kahe”.

The Shabad starts with “Deva pahan tarialey”. The translation says “God makes even stones float.”

While that is true just as Sukhmani says “Prabh bhave ta pathar traave” (Ast 11), here, Bhagat Ji is referring to Deva pandit who did puja of idols.

Deva was a raj pandit who conducted prayers for the raja of the land. It was the daily practice of the raja to go early in the morning to the mandir where Deva served to receive blessings. Each day Deva used to take the garland from the deva and place it on the raja’s neck as a blessing.

One day the raja was late. It was almost noon. Deva thought the raja would not come. He removed the haar from the idol and in a fancy put the haar upon himself. As he did so, he heard the raja’s chariot approaching. Deva took off the haar and placed it upon the deva again.

He put the haar upon the raja as usual. The wily raja noticed two strands of white hair on the haar and asked Deva where they had come from. Trembling, Deva said that the idol gave darshan with long flowing grey hair each morning and the hair was from from the idol.
The raja said he would come early morning next day to see the idol in that form.

Deva was terrified. He cried and prayed. But his prayer was not addressed to the idol. At some moment his surat had taken a leap and his prayer was addressed to Ram, the all Pervading Lord. Deva pleaded. “For 40 years I have served you and accepted whatever simple food you gave me. Now for this one lie, I risk being killed by the raja when he finds out my impudence in lying to him about the strands of white hair on the haar.

He prayed with intensity and cried to the Lord to save him. Many hours passed. He slept off, exhausted.

The raja came early in the morning and was dazzled to see the idol had sprouted grey hairs. He bowed and left. Deva knew the Lord had saved his laaj. He was emancipated. Thus “Deva pahan tarialey”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad kirtan available on YouTube

Ram kehat jan kass na taray