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Raag Maru  – Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Bhagat Ji relates a conversation between Krishna and Duryodhan.
Before the Mahabharat war, Krishna visited the Kaurav camp. Instead of visiting their chief, Duryodhna, Krishna chose to stay at the house of Bidar.

Although Bidar’s father was a king, his mother was a maid servant. He was poor, lived in a thatched hut, and considered inferior.

He had very high morals, and was drenched with love for God.

Krishna chose to stay with Bidar much to the chagrin of Duryodhan. Duryodhan and his allies had planned to meet Krishna and impress him with their wealth and pomp.

Bheesma, the grand sire had warned them that only sincere love can win over the Lord, but his counsel was ignored.

The next day Duryodhan scolded Krishna and said all the mighty kings had been insulted by his choice of stay.

This Shabad is a reply by Krishna to Duryodhan.

O King. Why should anyone come to you?; I saw so much love from Bidar, his poverty and humility was pleasing to me.

“Raajan kaun tumare aave; aiso bhaoo Bidar ko dekhiyo voh gareeb mohe bhaave.”( rahao).

Seeing your elephants (mighty army), you have fallen into delusion, and do not understand the nature of the Lord; I judge Bidar’s water to be like Amrit in comparison with your milk.

“Hasti dekh bharam se bhulaa Sri Bhagvan na jaaneya; tumro dudh Bidar ko paaneyo amrit kar mai maaneya.”

The spinach I ate at his house (Bidar’s wife, Sulabha was so overwhelmed with Krishna visiting their humble hut, she forgot to put salt in the spinach. Krishna ate heartily as if nothing was wrong. Only later when they ate, they realised there was no salt), was sweet as rice pudding to me, and we spent the night singing praises of the Lord; the Lord of Kabir is always joyous and cheerful. He does not care about anyone’s social class.

“Kheer samaan saagh mai payaa gunn gaavat rein vihanee; Kabir ko Thakur Anand Binodee jaat na kahu ki manee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Maru