Bhai Jasswant Singh Ji in his veechar of Raag Sorath SGGS Ang 633-639 says that people are in delusion because they don’t have gian. A bairagi is one that attunes his mind to the teachings of Guru ji.  We should not look down on those who don’t eat meat, and we cannot say it is religion that does not allow us to eat meat. Eating meat is one’s choice. The gateway to honor is through Naam. Be detached from maya an attach yourself to Naam. We must read Bani and do Shabad veechar. It is no point doing rituals as only Shabad can cleanse our mand, nothing else. Have complete faith in Guru Ji. Moment of stillness to be with yourself is difficult. But if done via veechar of Shabad, it allows the mind to focus better. Veechar at PG on Monday, November 18th, 2019. (Reference: Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Hind di Chader, Nishan Sahib, meat, vegetarian).

Ang 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639

Raag Sorath