Guru Ji says Shabad Guru is so valuable. Those who do not follow Guru Ji’s Hukam suffer. You must make your effort and it should be without thinking of rewards. The biggest fear of many is that of death. By enshrining His Naam in our hearts, our fears will vanish. We are comfortable in our comfort zones and rather gather worldly wealth than contemplate on Shabad Guru for fear of losing that comfort. But that is a misconception as the more you contemplate the more Guru Ji takes care of your affairs. Those who follow Guru Ji’s advice live in bliss. There are also many that want to be like Guru Ji, but they do not want to follow what Guru Ji says. Blessings flow for those who follow His teachings’ Veechar of Raag Sorath SGGS Ang 599-604 by Bhai Jasswant Singh Ji on Monday, September 22nd 2019, at PG

Ang 599, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604

Raag Sorath