Guru Amardas Ji in the first Shabad in this series of Shabads of Raag Parbhati SGGS Ang 1346-1349 says that the Lord’s temple is within us and also outside. In other Shabads, Guru Ji talks about life of gurmukhs, which is blessed, while that of manmukhs is considered miserable living. This is followed by Shabads of Guru Arjun Dev Ji  speaks about the enlightened Sikh, who recounts how his avasta rose. External cleansing is of no use on this spiritual path, internal cleansing is necessary, This follows into Bhagat Kabeer Ji Shabads, who speaks about enlightenment. Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji on Sunday, October 14th, 2018 at Titiwangsa.

Ang 1346, 1347, 1348, 1349

Raag Parbhati

Amrit Vela