Bhagat Kabeer Ji says explains in the first Shabad in this series of Raag Gauree SGGS Ang 331-333 of the effect when one gets enlightenment and the mind is overwhelmed. In the next Shabad, Bhagat talks about the habits of slanderers and evil  persons, who do not use God’s Naam but judge others. They impress others with empty talk. Some just like to argue over everything. Veechar by Bhai Jasswant Singh Ji on Sunday, November 17th, 2019 at Damansara Darbar Sahib. (Reference: Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Amardas Ji, Bhai Sundar Ji,  gian, Katarpur Corridor, tirath, God is everywhere, nishan sahib arti, sangrand, barah maha, lohri, parampara, teacher, jaal, akand path, barsi, death, birth, duality, Sant’s barsi, honor, ancestors, langgar, funeral rites, karam khands).

Ang: 331, 332, 333

Raag Gauree