Guru Ji says God’s name is essential for us to remove all kinds of fear within us including fear of death. People go for pilgrimage yet their minds are not still as all sorts of thoughts occupy their mind. Be absorbed with God, convince your mind that you want to be with Him, and don’t break His Hukam. Contentment is a necessity and it can only be attained with Shabad Guru. Instead of focusing on God, people are so caught up with worldliness, which is short-lived. Veechar of Raag Gauree SGGS Ang 325-326 by Bhai Jasswant Singh Ji on Sunday, October 13th, 2019 at Damansara Darbar.

Reference: (Darshan, mand, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, adultery, Sikh, drugs, ridhi sidhi, Bani, heaven, punn dhan, paap and punn, spec of dust, destiny, life and death, hypocrisy, amrit, karamati, karam khand, nij ghar,)

Ang 325, 326

Raag Gauree