Guru Arjun Dev Ji says that Naam is perfect and complete. In other Shabads of Raag Gauree SGGS Ang 188-191 Guru Ji talks about the grace of SatGuru Ji and the blessings of satsangat. Our focus should only be on the One Lord and it should be of love and adoration. In other Shabads, Guru Ji talks about the blessed life style of Bhagats as they do not have any other support other than God. With Gurparsad your mind becomes still. We must engage all your organs towards Guru Ji and when God gives His grace, He puts us on Naam, which is one of His aspects. We must give up our cleverness and only accept Guru’s maat.  Guru Ji gives us total protection. Guru Ji also talks about the misery of those who do not recite Naam, and Guru’s Shabad removes all pain and sorrows. We have to do a lot of effort and surrender our mand and body to Guru Ji. Guru Ji will rejuvenate you and make you fresh, green and full of life. Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji at Damansara Darbar on Thursday, September 4th October, 2018.

Ang 188, 189, 190, 191,

Raag Gauree