The blessings that flow from  japna is enormous says Guru Arjun Dev Ji in the first Shabad in this series of Shabads of Raag Gauree SGGS Ang 185-188. In other Shabads in this series, Guru Ji describes man’s habits and nature. All fears and anxieties will vanish in the sharan of Guru Ji and don’t judge others, as they are living according to their destinies. Guru Ji describes the dasva duar. Only Naam becomes truly yours and belong to you, nothing else. Guru’s Shabad makes you understand your inner being, love and serve only God and we must regard God as our friend, He always does good, don’t fight with Him. Guru’s were so in love with God and when you receive the grace of God, all is well.  The human life is very precious, don’t lose it, unite with God, never miss the opportunity to unite with God as it is hard to obtain the human body. Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji at Damansara Darbar on September 27th, 2018.

Ang 185, 186 187, 188

Raag Gauree