SGGS Anģg 407.

Raag Assa M.5

Chòla Sahib is a Gurdwara near Taran Taran. In 1597, after Guru Arjun Dev had visited Goindwal Sahib and Sarhali Kalan spreading the blessings of Naam, Guru Ji and a few Sikhs stopped for the night at Chòla Sahib. It was a small settlement and then known as Bhaini.

The villagers tried to quickly arrange for food for Guru Ji and the Sikhs. One lady, Mai Sukha Jatti grabbed whatever rotis were in her house, put them in a large container, and broke the rotis into small pieces. She dropped in large dollops of butter and some sugar, and made “churee”. In olden Punjabi, churee is known as “chòla.”

She carried the churee in a basket atop her head and rushed to the village hall where Guru Ji was holding Satsanggat with the villagers.

She placed the basket of churi at Guru Ji’s feet and implored the Guru to accept her sewa. Guru Ji was pleased with her simple devotion and blessed her. Guru Ji said that henceforth this village will be known as Chòla Sahib.

Guru Ji then expressed two Shabads where the word “chòla” is used. The word chòla in both the Shabads refers to the amazing, sweet taste of Naam.

One Shabad is at Ang 672. Dhanaasree M.5. The final lines are..

“Sheetal shaant maha sukh paaya santsang rehiyo ohla; Har dhan sanchan Har Naam bhojan eh Nanak kinno chòla.”

The other Shabad is:

Guru Ji tells us about the Infinite, Amazing Powers of Naam.

The Naam (Attributes) of the Lord is Priceless; it brings with it peace and all the graces.

“Har Har Naam amola; oh sahaj suhela.” (rahao).

Naam becomes your Companion and Helper, never forsaking you. Naam is Unfathomable and Unequaled; Naam is the Beloved, your brother, father and mother. Naam is the Support of the Saints.

“Sang sahaiyee chodh na jaiyee oh Agah Atola; Pritam bhai baap mero bhai Bhagtan ka chòla.”

The Invisible Lord is seen through the Guru (Shabad). Nanak says this is the Delicious Relish of the Lord.

“Alakh lakhaiya Gur te paaiya Nanak eh Har ka Chòla.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Assa