SGGS Angg 1272.

Raag Malaar M.5

This Shabad has 5 lines. Each line ends with the word “niiki,” meaning sublime, or most praiseworthy. The central thrust of the Shabad is that it is most praiseworthy and fruitful to sing the Lord’s Praises.

The Glory of my Beloved is noble and sublime; the celestial singers and angels blissfully sing His sublime Praises with ecstasy, happiness and joy.

“Pria ki sobh suhaavni niiki; ha ha hu hu gandarab apasra (these are beings mentioned in some Hindu Scriptures as professional singers, singing the praises of the devas they serve. Guru Ji says only if they sing Praises of the Lord is their singing sublime) anand mangal rass gaavni niiki.” (rahao).

The most worthy beings (gunnagiye) sings God’s Praises in beautiful harmonies in many ways, in myriad sublime forms.  (many of these forms cannot be seen by our normal eyes. The Gurus and Bhagats were able to see beyond the physical plane and they have described what they actually saw and experienced.
“Santan ki sunn Sachi sakhi; so bollay jo pekhay aakhi.”- Ang 894)

“Dhunatt lalitt gunnagiye anik bhaant baho bidh roop dikhaavni niiki.”

Throughout the mountains (gir), trees (tar), deserts (thall), oceans (jal), galaxies (bhavan), permeating every heart  (bharpoor ghat ghat), the grandeur (chaavni) of my Beloved is sublime.

“Gir tar thall jal bhavan bharpoor ghat ghat Laalan chaavni niiki.”

Nanak says, those who have sublime faith, relish the singing of Praises of the All Pervading Lord in Sadhsang.

“Sadhsang Raameiya rass paaiyo Nanak ja ke bhaavni niiki.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Malaar