SGGS Angg 703.

Raag Jaithshree (Jaitsree) M.5

A jeev isteri pleads with the Guru to unite her with Her Husband Lord. She is close to the Guru and calls the Guru “Yaar”, “Sajjan”.

This Shantt has 4 padas. This is the first pada.

O my dear friend, listen to this one prayer of mine; I have been searching for the Enticing Sweet Beloved; whoever leads me to my Beloved, I would in gratitude cut off my head and offer it, if I were given even a minute glance of my Beloved. (the plea is for “bhori darshan” i.e. even a tiny bit of darshan will do). God is so Pura, even a tiny bit of darshan will make you Perfect).

“Sun Yaar hamare Sajjan eik karo benantiya; tis Mohan Laal Pyare hao firho khojantiya; tis das Pyare sirr dhari utarey eik bhori darshan dijjay.”

My eyes are drenched with love for my Beloved, without Him I do not have peace even for a moment; my mind is absorbed in the Lord just as a fish is to water, and the chatrik thirsting for a dewdrop; servant Nanak says as one merges into the Perfect Guru (Shabad), all thirsts are quenched.

“Nainn hamare Pria rang rangarey eik til bhi na dhirije; Prabh seyo mann leena jio jalh meena chatrik jivay tissantiya; jan Nanak Gur Pura paaya sagli tikha bujhantiya.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Jaithshree