SGGS Angg 262.

Aspathadee 1 Sukhmani Sahib.

This is the second pada of the 1st Astpadhi. It tells us of the blessings which flow in as one does simran.

As you engage in simran (loving remembrance of the Lord), you are saved from further rebirths; remembering God, the pain of death (miseries) is dispelled; remembering God death (time) is eliminated; remembering God, all enemies are repelled.

“Prabh ke simran garab na bassay; Prabh ke simran dukh jamm nassay; Prabh ke simran kaal parharay; Prabh ke simran dushman tarray.”

Remembering God, you meet no obstacles (blockages); remembering God, one becomes awake (spiritually aware) day and night; remembering God, one is not touched by fear; remembering God suffering does not affect you.

“Prabh simratt kich biggan na laage; Prabh ke simran andinn jaage; Prabh ke simran bhao na biaape; Prabh ke simran dukh na santaape.”

Meditative remembrance of the Lord is the company of the holy; all Treasures (blessings) are received as one loves the Lord.

“Prabh ka simran Sadh ke sang; sarab Nidhaan Nanak Har rang.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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