SGGS Angg 631.

Raag Sorath M.5.

A Sikh is at breaking point. He has been sincerely attached to Naam for some time. Yet, his affairs have not been resolved. He pleads with God.

Please hear my prayer O Lord and Master, all beings and creatures are created by You (depend on You); Lord, cause of all causes (You set into motion events, which lead to a certain result), please preserve the honor of Your Own Name.

(Normally it is “rakho paij meri” or “laaj Apne daas ki” or words like that. Here is “paij Apne Naam ki” which is rather unique. We are assured at many places in SGGS Ji, that Naam resolves all issues. So the Sikh is actually saying “Naam gives these assurances. Now please let those assurances positively manifest themselves, show it to be True, and thus the honor of Your Name – Your Nature, Your Birdh will be preserved.”)

“Sunho benantee Thakur mere jee jantt Tere dharey; raakh paij Naam Apne ki Karan Karaavanharey.”

Beloved Lord, please make me Your Own; good or bad, I belong only to You.

“Prabh Jio khasmana kar Pyarey; buray bhale ham Tharey.” (rahao).

(No sincere, loving prayer, goes unanswered.)

The Almighty Lord heard my plea, cut my bonds, and decorated me (with Gunn/Naam); He dressed His servant in robes of honor, and blended me with Himself. Nanak has been manifested (revealed) in glory throughout the world.

“Sunhi pukaar Samrath Suami bandhan kaat sawarey; pahar sirpao sewak jann melay Nanak pargatt paharey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Sorath