SGGS Angg 874

Raag Gond – Bhagat Namdev Ji.

Bhagat Ji describes the unease and discomfort He feels without the Lord’s Name. He was born in Maharashra state and a lot of words common to that area are used.

He says I feel restless and unhappy; (just as) without her calf, the cow feels lonely.

“Mohe lagtee talabeli; bachrey bin gaye akeli”

Without water the fish writhes in agony; poor Nama is wretched like that without the Lord’s Name.

“Paniya bin meen talfey; aise Ram Nama bin bapro Nama”(rahao).

Like a cow’s calf which when let loose; sucks at her udders and drinks milk.

“Jaise gaye ka basha chuutla; thann chokhta makhan ghootla”

So has Namdev found the Lord; meeting the Guru (Shabad), I have seen the Indescribable Lord.

“Namdeo Narayan paaya; Gur bhetat Alakh lakhaaiya”

Then Bhagat Ji gives an example of overwhelming passion in evil persons.

As a man driven by lust covets another’s wife; so does Namdev love the Lord.

“Jaise bikhe het par naari; aisee Namey preet Muraree”

As the earth sizzles under dazzling sunlight; such is the wretched condition of Nama (Namdev), without the Lord’s Name.

“Jaise taptey nirmal ghaama ; taise Ram Nama bin bapro Nama.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Paniya bin meen talfey; aise Ram Nama bin bapro Nama