SGGS Angg 1340

Raag Prabhati M.5

A Sikh has been blessed with Naam. An untold bliss sweeps over him and all his affairs are settled. He also advises fellow Sikhs.

The Perfect Guru has bestowed the Name of the Lord upon me; I feel blessed with bliss and joy, emancipation, and eternal peace. All my affairs have been resolved.

” Satgur Pure Naam diya; anand mangal kalyan sada sukh karaj sagla raas thiya.”(rahao).

The Lotus Feet (Bani) of the Guru abide in my mind; I have been rid of pain, suffering, misconceptions and all perishability.

“Charan Kamal Gur ke mann vuthay; dukh darad bhram binsay jhuthey.”

Rise daily and sing the Lord’s Praises; O mortal remember Him in meditation twenty four hours a day.

“Nit uth gavho Prabh ki Bani; aath pahar Har simro prani.”

In my (body) home and outside too, God is everywhere; He is my Help and Support wherever I go.

“Ghar bahar Prabh sabni thayi; sang sahayi jeh hao jayi.”

With my palms pressed together, I offer this prayer; may Nanak always recite the Name of the Treasure of all Attributes.

“Doye kar jorh kari ardas; sada japey Nanak Guntaas.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Prabhati