SGGS Angg 1146.

Raag Bhairo M.5.

A Sikh sings about the Gracious Nature of God. The entire Shabad is also couched as an ardas.

God blesses the poor with wealth (the True wealth is Naam – “Sacha Dhan Gurmati paaye” – Ang 665); countless sins are taken away and the mind is rendered pure; all the mind’s desires are fulfilled and all tasks get completed; You bestow Your Naam to Your Saints.

“Nirdhan ko Tum devho Dhana; anik paap jahe nirmal manaa; sagal manorath puran kaam; Bhagat Apne ko devho Naam.”

Service of the Sovereign King is always rewarding and fruitful; the Creator Lord is the Cause of causes, and no one is turned away from His Door empty handed.

“Safall sewa Gopal Rai; Karan Karavanhaar Suami ta te birtha koyee na jaaye.”(rahao).

God eradicates disease (the biggest rogh in humans is haumai – “haumai rogh manukh ko dinaa.”-Ang 1140), from the ailing one; He takes away the sorrow of the sufferer; the homeless ones are given place by You; and You link Your Saints to devotional worship.

“Rogi ka Prabh khando rogh; dukhiye ka mitavho Prabh sogh; nithave ko Tum thaan bethavho; dass Apne ko Bhagti lavho.”

God bestows honor on the dishonored; He makes the foolish and ignorant, clever and wise; the dread of all fears disappears; as the Lord dwells in the mind of His humble servant.

“Nimaane ko Prabh deto maan ; moorh mugadh hoye chatur sogyaan ; sarab bheyaan ka bhao nassey ; jan Apne ke Har mann vassey.”

The Supreme Lord is the Treasure of all Peace; the Lord’s Name is the essence of all Enlightenment; Granting His Grace, He enjoins mortals to the service of His Saints (Guru); Nanak says, in Sadhsangat, such a person merges into the Lord.

“Parbrahm Prabh Sukh Nidhaan ; tatt gyan Har Amrit Naam ; kar kirpa Sant tahley laaye ; Nanak Sadhu sang samaaye.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Bhairo