SGGS Angg 966

Raag Ramkali – Ramkali Ki Vaar Rai Balwand thatha Satte Doom Akhee (Ang – 966-968).

As the title indicates, this Bani of 8 padas was written by Bhai Balwand Ji, and Bhai Satta Ji.
They were “dooms”, i.e. low caste mirasees, and the language used in the Vaar is rather complex. Yet, the Vaar is very important, as it clearly traces the Gurgaddi from the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji till Guru Arjun Dev Ji as the flow of the same Guru Jote, which now rests eternally with SGGS Ji.

This the 1st pada of this Vaar.

One who recites the Name of the Almighty Creator, how can words ever express his greatness?.

“Naoo Karta Kadar kare kyo bolh hovay jokhivday.”

The Lord’s Divine Attributes and Truth (share a pure loving relationship, i.e. both emanate from God), are like brothers and sisters and these (two) Gift you with the Supreme Status (which takes you to the other shore).

“Deh Gunna Sat bhen bhrav hai Parangatt daan parhivday.”

Nanak established the Kingdom and built the strongest foundation of His Fort, based on Truth; He installed the Royal Canopy over Lehna’s head, who drank in Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord’s Praises.

“Nanak raaj chalaaiya Sach kote sataane neev deh; Lehne dhareyon Shatt sirr kar siftee Amrit pivdeh.”

The Guru (Guru Nanak Dev Ji), implanted the Almighty Sword of his Teachings, which illuminate the soul; Guru Nanak lovingly bowed before his disciple. (Bhai Lehna Ji, who became Guru Angad Dev Ji).

“Matt Gur aatam dev di kharag jorh porahkoe jee deh; Gur chelay rehiraas kee Nanak salamatt theevdeh.”

The King (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) while still alive, applied the ceremonial mark (Gurgaddi Tilak) to his (Guru Angad Dev Ji’s) forehead.

“Seh Tika ditoss jivdeh.”

You will note there is no mention of any coconut or 5 paise coin. That has been added by writers like Kavi Santokh Singh and others, who for some reason implanted Hindu ceremonies/rituals into the simple Gurgaddi transfer ceremony where the incoming Guru is anointed by the earlier Guru Sahib. Perhaps there has been interpolation into some historical writings.

In Ramkali Sadd too, where Guru Amardas Ji is described as transferring Gurgaddi to Guru Ramdas Ji, there is no mention of coconut (narial) or 5 paise.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Naoo Karta Kadar kare kyo bolh hovay jokhivday