SGGS Angg 956.

Raag Ramkali M.1

Guru Ji tells us about Sadhsanggat. The Satguru is a Lake and the swan like Sikhs enjoy the Jewels of Naam found in the Lake. Guru Ji reminds us that to be able to attend Satsanggat is a great blessing flowing from God. At Angg 550, we are told “Aape sanggat sadh bahale Aape vidha karave.” We may think that we made some attempt/effort to attend Sadhsanggat. Actually, it is God Himself who takes you there and places you where you can receive Naam.

The meeting of the swan (Sikh) with the Lake (Satguru) is ordained by the Primal Lord Himself in His Will; in the Lake (Satguru) are diamonds and pearls (of Naam), which are food for the swans (Sikhs).

“Sarvar hans dhure hi mela Khasme evay bhaana; Sarvar andar heera motee so hansa ka khaana.”

The cranes and crows may be very shrewd, but they (are not wise enough) do not remain in the Lake; they do not find their kind of food there, their desire other foods (besides Naam).

“Bagla kaag na rehiye Sarvar je hovay att siaana; ohna rijak na pehyo othay ohna horho khaana.”

Practicing Truth the True Lord is found, the false ones have false pride; Nanak says, only those who have such destiny written for them, meet (Unite) with the Satguru (Shabad).

“Sach kammane Sacho paiyeh kurhe kurha maana; Nanak tin ko Satgur miliya jinna dhure bheya parvaana.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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