SGGS Angg 947.

Raag Ramkali – Slok M.3 from Ramkali Ki Vaar M.3.

This is the 1st Slok as one begins to read the Vaar. The Slok tells us our body is a field. The Satgur helps us to plant seeds of Naam and the harvest is always full of blessings. Unlike seeds which are planted in haumai. Such seeds will be seeds of kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahangkar and all kinds of vikaars. Such planting leads to “sahsa” – restlessness of the mind, and the harvest is full of karmic pain.

The Satguru ( Shabad) is the field of “sahaj” – Divine Peace and Wisdom, and to get such a field one has to plant with love; (thus) from this Field – Satguru, one takes the seed of Naam and plants Naam, Naam sprouts up, and one gets absorbed in the Name.(Attributes – Gunn).

“Satgur sahaje da khet hai jis nu laaye bhao; Naao bijhe Naao ugvhe Naame rahe samaaiye.”

(on the other hand) seeds planted in egotism result in a harvest of restlessness (unease), and whatever is planted goes to waste (i.e. it does not go with you, unlike the seed and harvest of Naam); nothing gets truly planted, nor does it flourish, whatever is granted (by God) is eaten (i.e. there is no spiritual progress in this life, nor profits with seeds which are planted in haumai).

“Haumai eho beej hai sahsa gehya vilaaiye; na kich bijhe na ugvhe jo bakshe so khaaye.”

Just as water mixes with water and it cannot be separated again (it is a reference to the 2nd line, where those who plant Naam remain absorbed in Naam – “Naame rahe samaaiye.”); Nanak says, the gurmukhs are wonderful, come and see (their glorious life); but what can the wretched people see, when they have no understanding (wisdom); he alone can see whom the Lord causes to see. The Lord dwells in such minds.

“Ambe seti ambh raliya bahurh na niksiya jaaye; Nanak gurmukh chalatt hai vekho loka aaye; loke ke vekhay bapurha jis nu sojee nahe; jis vikhale so vekhey jis vasseya mann mahe.”

(with respect, my translation is quite different in parts, from that found on the net).

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Ramkali