SGGS Angg 789

Suhi M.1

Guru Ji tells us about those who go to bathe at sacred shrines, but have evil minds and thieving bodies.

“Naavan chale tirathi mann khotay tann chor.”

Only if there is love for the One, will your filth be washed off. Any ritual of maya (doye bha), will only result in accumulating more karmic weight upon yourself.
(with respect, my translation differs from that on the net).

Like a gourd, they may wash off outwardly, but the bitter poison within, remains.

“Bahar dhoti tumrhee andar viss nikorh.”

The truly holy man is blessed even without such bathing, while the thief remains a thief, no matter how much he bathes.

“Sadh bhale an natiyah chor se chora chor.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan is available on YouTube

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