SGGS Angg 1160.

Raag Bhairo Bhagat Kabir Ji. (the net mistakenly states the Shabad as Raag Bhairo M.5).

Bhagat Kabir Ji tells us about the futility of prayer to any idol. All effort spent in appeasing any stone idol/dewa is wasted, as all Power rests only with the Formless, Creator Lord who is All Pervading.

Those who call their stone god a divine being; all their service to it is useless; those who fall at the feet of a stone idol; all their efforts are in vain.

“Jo paathar ko kehte dev; ta ki birtha hovay sev; jo paathar ki paayi paaye; tis ki ghaal ajaaiyi jaaye.”

My Lord and Master Speaks forever; The Lord gives His Bounty to all beings.

“Thakur hamra sadh bolantaa; sarab jiaa ko Prabh daan dehtaa.” (rahao).

The Divine Lord is within the self, but the (spiritually) blind one does not realise this; misled by delusions, he puts a noose upon himself; the stone does not speak, nor can it give anything to anyone; such rituals are fruitless, and such service is useless.

“Antar Deo na jaane andh; bhram ka mohiya paave phaandh; na paathar bolay na kich deh; phokatt karam niffal hai sev.”

If a corpse (a dead stone) is anointed with sandalwood oil; what good can the corpse do for you?; if the corpse (stone) is rolled in manure; what harm (loss) can it cause to the corpse.? (i.e. no loss).

“Je mirtakk ko chandan chadave; uss te kaho kavan phalh paave; je mirtakk ko bishta mahe rulaaiye; ta mirtakk ka kya ghat jaaiye.”

Kabir says, I proclaim this aloud (i.e. fearlessly); do reflect and understand you foolish person in pursuit of energies of maya; the love for maya (i.e. not love for God) has ruined countless homes; the Saints of the All Pervading Lord (not stone idols) are forever in bliss.

“Kahat Kabir hao kaho pukaar; samaj dekh sakat gavaar; dujje bhaye bahut ghar gaale; Raam Bhagat hai sada sukhaale.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Bhairo