SGGS Angg 345.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) Bhagat Ravidas Ji.

Bhagat Ravidas Ji was a cobbler by profession. It was a low caste job. His love for God, and his unflinching faith in One Formless Lord, elevated him to the status of a Bhagat.
There were many enemies. The pandits and mullahs felt threatened by Bhagat Ji’s sincere devotion, and devised many schemes to hurt him or to ridicule him.

In this Shabad Bhagat describes one such humiliating situation. His faith was firm and unshaken. Bhagat Ji prays to God to intervene quickly and to save him.

I am anxious about it day and night. I keep wretched and low company; my actions are crooked and I am of lowly birth.

“Meri sanggat poch soch dinn ratee; mera karam kotiltaa janam kobhantee.”

Lord, Master of the earth, life of my soul; please do not forsake me. I am Your humble servant.

“Raam Gosaienya jee ke jeevna; mohe na bisaro mai jan Tera.”(rahao).

Please remove my misery and bless me with Your Love; I shall not leave Your Feet (Naam) though my body may perish.

“Meri haro bipatt jan karo sobhaii; Charan na chadho sareer kalh jaaye.”

Says Ravidas, I have entered Your Sanctuary; please do not delay. Do meet Your humble servant quickly.

“Kaho Ravidas parho Teri Sambha; begh milho jan kar na bilambha.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree