SGGS Angg 1292.

Raag Malaar – Bhagat Namdev Ji.

Bhagat Ji was born in 1270 (October 26) at Narsi, Maharshtra.

He toured many places preaching the Majesty of Naam. On one of his journeys he stepped into a mandir to do some prayers.

His prayers were always addressed to an All Pervading Lord – Ramaeiya as the rahao in this Shabad shows. Not addressed to any devi deva.

He was of low caste. A Shudar. The Hindu Scriptures forbid Shudars from performing or listening to prayers.

He was recognized by the Pandits in the mandir as being of low caste. He was beaten and rudely bundled out of the mandir.

Outside Bhagat Ji sang this heart wrenching Shabad where He records the humiliation he had to endure.

He pleads. Please O Ramaeya – All Pervading One do not forsake me.

“Mo ko tu na bissar tu na bissar ; tu na bissarey Ramaeya”(rahao).

These temple priests are full of doubts (about Your True Nature)and everyone is furious with me.

“Aalawanti eh bhram jo hai mukh upar sabh kopilaa”

They have called me low caste Shudar and driven me out. What should I do now O Beloved Father?,

“Sudh sudh kar maar uthaiyo kaha karo Baap Bithalaa”

You must help me now. If You liberate me after my death, no one will know of Your Greatness.

“Muee huve jao mukat dehoge teri mukat na jaane koela”

These Pandits have pushed me out of the mandir due to my caste. By doing this they are tarnishing Your Honor as well.

“Eh pandiya mo ko tedh kahat teri paij pichaundi hoylaa”.

You are known to be Kind and Compassionate: the power of Your Arms is Unrivalled.

“Tu jo Dyal Kirpal kahiayat hai atbhuj bheyo aparlaa”

Finally, the Lord Acts. He turns the mandir to face Namdev Ji and His back is turned on the Brahmins.

“Fer dia deohra Namay ko pandian ko pichvaarla”

This mandir can still be seen in it’s turned state.

All Hindu temples face the rising sun. By being turned, this temple now faces the west- the setting sun.

As it was turned, it was yanked off it’s foundations. The temple ( it is as big as a hude double-storey bungalow) stands free on the ground. At certain places where the ground is uneven you can actually slip in some paper.

The temple steps are at the back since it was turned around.

The small wash area to wash your feet before you enter the temple is also located at the back now.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Mo ko tu na bissar tu na bissar; tu na bissarey Ramaeya

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