SGGS Angg 218.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.5

Guru Ji advises us to sing the sweet Praises of the Lord. It can lead to Merger with the Guru’s Grace.

Sing the sweet Praises of the Lord O my being, sing His sweet Praises; as one gets attuned to the True One, the homeless finds a home. (i.e. the jeev lodges in his nijhi ghar).

“Mithe Har gunn gavho jindhu tu mithe Har gunn gavho; Sache seti rateiya miliya nithave thao.” (rahao).

All other tastes (of maya) are bland, insipid, and they render the mind and body joyless; anything done without remembering the Lord, makes his life accursed and soils his reputation.

“Hor sadh sabh fikiya tann mann fika hoye; vin Parmeshar jo kare fitt so jiwan hoye.”

Grasping the hem of the robe of the Saint (Guru), one can cross over the world ocean; worship and adore the Supreme Lord and your family too will be saved.

“Anchal geh ke Sadh ka tarna eh sansaar; Parbrahm aradhiye udhre sabh parvaar.”

He is a true companion, relative and a dear friend who implants the Lord’s Name within my heart; He (the Guru), washes off all my demerits and is so generous to me.

“Saajan bandh somitar so Har Naam hirday de; auggan sabh mitaiye ke parupkar kare.”

Your true wealth, treasure, and household are all found in the Treasure of the Lord’s Feet (Bani); Nanak is a beggar at Your Door, Lord, he begs for Your Gift (of Naam).

“Maal khazana theho ghar Har ke Charan Nidhaan; Nanak jachak Dar Tere Prabh Tudhno mangay daan.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Gauree