SGGS Angg 167.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.4.

A Sikh examines himself and realises his many shortcomings. He addresses God and admits his faults. He expresses shukrana that the Merciful Lord has always been with him. He pleads, please forgive all my mistakes.

My soul has been lured by gold and women; I have emotional attachment to sweet maya; my mind has become attached to the comforts of houses, palaces, horses and other enjoyments; thoughts of God did not ever enter my mind, how can I be saved now my Sovereign Lord?

“Kanchan nari me jio lubhat hai moh mitha maya; ghar mandar ghodey khushi man ann rass layaa; Har Prabh chit na aaveyi kyo chuta mere Har Raiya”

Such are my lowly actions my Lord; You Merciful Lord are the Treasure of all Virtue please give me Your Grace and forgive all my mistakes.

“Mere Ram eh neech karam Har Mere; Gunvanta Har Har Dyal kar kirpa baksh avgun sabh mere”(rahao).

I have no beauty, no social class, no graces or manners; with what face am I to speak to You; I am without virtue and have not recited Your Name.

“Kich roop nahi kich jaat nahi kich dhang na mera; kya muh le bolay gunn bihoon Naam japiya na Tera”

You gave all beings souls bodies mouths noses and even water to use; You gave corn to eat, clothes to wear and other pleasures to enjoy; but the One who gave all this I did not remember; like a beast I lived selfishly.

“Sabh jio pind mukh nakk diya vartan ko paani; ann khana kapadh penen diya rass anh bhogaani; jin diye so chit na aavahi pasu hao kar jaani”

You created all. It is Your Power which operates and You are the Knower of all hearts; what can we wretched creatures do?. Lord It is all Your Play; servant Nanak has been sold in the slave market as the slave of the Lord’s slaves.

“Sabh kita Tera vartdaa Tu Antarjami; ham jantt vicharey kya kare sabh khel Tum Suami; jan Nanak haat vihajiya Har gulam gulami”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree