SGGS Angg 748.

Raag Suhi M.5

A Sikh sings Praises of God. He is grateful that he has been saved from all miseries and is now in bliss.

As I entered Your Sanctuary, You gave me Your Hand, and saved me from the terrible fire (maya); I have abandoned all other hopes, and deep with my heart, I adore and respect Your Strength.

“Maha aggan te Tudh Haath de rakhe bhaye Teri Sharanayee; Tera maan taan ridh antar horh dujji aas chukayee.”

O my Sovereign Lord, as I enshrine You in my heart, I am saved; You are my Support, and I rest my hopes in You. As I recite Your Name (Attributes), I am saved.

“Mere Raam Rai Tudh chit aaiyeh ubray; Teri tek bharvasa Tumra japp Naam Tumara udray.”(rahao).

As You gave me Your Mercy, You took me out of the deep dark pit (of spiritual ignorance); You cherish me Yourself, care for me, and bless me with total peace.

“Andh kuup te kaadh liye Tum Aap bhaye Kirpaala; saar samaal sarab sukh diye Aap kare pritpaala.”

The Supreme Lord blessed me with His Glance of Grace broke my bonds, and delivered me; He Himself puts us to His service and inspires me with His devotional worship.

“Apni nadar kare Parameshar bandhan kaat chadaaiye; Apni bhagat Prabh Aap karaiyee Aape sewa laaiye.”

My doubts have gone, my fears and infatuations have been dispelled, and all my sorrows are gone; Nanak says, the Great Giver was Merciful to me, and United me with the Perfect Guru. (Shabad).

“Bharam gyaa bhye moh binasey mitiya saggal visuraa; Nanak Dya kari Sukhdatey bhetiya Satgur Pura.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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