SGGS Angg 985.

Raag Mali Gaura M.4

A Sikh tells his mind to sing Praises of the Lord, and to absorb Guru’s matt.

O my mind meditate upon the Name of the Lord; my mind and body are drenched with the Lord’s Name, and I have absorbed the Guru’s Teachings, the source of all Nectar.

“Mere mann bhaj Har Har Naam Gopala; mera mann tann leen bheya Raam Namay matt Gurmatt Raam rasala.” (rahao).

Follow the Guru’s Teachings and meditate upon the Lord’s Name, and let recitation of His Name be your rosary; those who have such destiny inscribed upon their foreheads, merge with the Lord of all forests.

“Gurmatt Naam dhiayeh Har Har mann japiye Har japmala; jin ke mastakk likhiya Har miliya Har Banmala.” (literally, all the forests are His garland).

Those who deeply meditate upon the Name of the Lord, all their entanglements are ended; the messenger of death (miseries) does not approach them and they are saved by the Guru, the Saviour Lord.

“Jin Har Har Naam dhiayah tin chukay sarab janjaala; tin jamm nerh na aavaiye Gur rakhey Har Rakhvala.”

I am an ignorant child. The Lord cherishes me as Mother and Father; I continually put my hands in the fires of maya, but the Guru, Merciful to the lowly, saves me.

“Ham barak kichu na jaanu Har maat pita pritpalaa; kar maya aggan nit meltay Gur rakhey Deen Dyalaa.”

I was very filthy but I have been rendered pure, all my sins have been burnt by singing the Lord’s Praises; servant Nanak says, my mind is now in bliss through the Shabad, and I have merged with the Guru (Shabad).

“Baho mailhay nirmal hoya sabh kilbikh Har jass jalaa; mann anand bheya Gur paaya jann Nanak Shabad nihalaa.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Mali Gauraa