SGGS Angg 730

Raag Suhi M.1

Guru Ji marvels at God’s Magnificence, and the Infinite Vastness of His Creation. Guru Ji talks to God and says, tell me what scales can I use, what weights, and which assayer can I call?(to measure Your Greatness); from which Guru should I receive instruction?; by whom should I have Your Value appraised?.

“Kaun tarajee kavan tola Tera kavan saraaf bulaava; kaun Guru keh peh dikhiya leva keh peh molh karaava.”

O my dear Beloved Lord, Your limits are not known;You pervade the waters, lands and the skies. You Yourself are All Pervading.

“Mere Laal Jio Tera antt na jaana; Tu jall thall mahiall Bharpur Leena Tera Tu Aape Sarab Samanaa.”(rahao).

In answer to the earlier questions about what scale, weights, and which assayer, Guru Ji in the next line says, let your mind be the scale, your heart (consciousness) be the weights, and the service you do in God’s Name, be the appraiser itself.

“Man tarajee chit tola Teri sev saraaf kamaava.”

The weighing (appreciation, shukrana) is internal. Thus Guru Ji says deep within my heart I weigh my Husband Lord; in this way I place Him in my heart.

“Ghat hi bhittar so Saho toli ein bidh chit rahaava.”

But on a deeper level of enlightenment, since God is Everything, (“Sabh kich Tum hi te hova Aap bannat banaaiye.” – Ang 811) Guru Ji says, God, You Yourself are the Balance, the Weights and the Scale. You Yourself are the Weigher; You Yourself see and understand. You Yourself are the Trader.

“Aape Kanda Tolh Tarajee Aape Tolanhara; Aape Dekhay Aape Bujhay Aape hai Vanjara.”

Finally, Guru Ji talks about the mann. It is blind (ignorant), of low class, wandering about, coming and departing in an instant.(fickle, never stable); this is the base company (instead of the Company of Naam), man keeps. How can the fool ever Unite with the Lord?.

“Andula neech jaat pardesi khin aave tilh jaave; ta ki sangat Nanak rehnda kyo kar murha paave.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Mere Laal Jio Tera antt na jaana; Tu jall thall mahiall Bharpur Leena Tera Tu Aape Sarab Samanaa