SGGS Angg 525

Raag Gujree (Gujri)  Bhagat Ravidas Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us that everything in creation is perishable and stained by decay. Nothing in creation is pure enough to be used in worship of the Pure, Unstained, Imperishable Lord. In the final lines Bhagat dedicates his mind and body in worship of the Lord and says, with Gur (Naam) Parsad, one can attain Union with the Immaculate Lord.

Milk is considered pure. But in reality before one can milk the cow, it’s calf sucks at the teats and the milk begins to flow. The calf is pushed aside and the cow is then milked. This milk has been rendered impure because it was consumed first by the calf.

Flowers are used in worship too. But the bumble bee, seeking pollen, flits from flower to flower rendering them impure.

Water is considered clean. But fishes in water swim in it, eat there and drop their waste in water too.

“Doodh ta bachre thanne bitariyo; phool bhavar jal meen bigariyo.”

Bhagat Ji then poses a question. How can I find anything pure enough for the Lord’s worship? I cannot find any other flowers worthy of the Incomparable Lord.

“Mayi Gobind puja kaha le charavho; avar na phool anoop na pavho.”(rahao).

Sandalwood is used in worship but the cooling sandalwood trees are invariably encircled by snakes trying to escape the heat of poison they carry in their sacs. Poison and nectar dwell together i.e. pure nectar for worship cannot be obtained.

“Mailaghar berhe hai bhoyanga; bhikh amrit basse eik sanga.”

With mere incense, lamps, offerings of food, and decorations; how can Your slaves worship You (with these perishables)?

“Dhoop deep neibedhe bassa; kaise pooj kare Tere dassa.”

I dedicate my mind and body to You and worship You; with Gur (Naam) Parsad I can Unite with the Immaculate (Pure, Spotless) Lord.

“Tann mann arpho pooj charvho; Gur Parsad Niranjan pavho.”

I lay no claim to be able to do Your worship; Ravidas says I wonder how I will be saved? (these two lines are expressed in humility, to eradicate any trace of haumai leading to Union).

“Pooja archa aihe na Tori; kahe Ravidas kavan gatt mori.”

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Raag Gujri