SGGS Angg 375

Raag Assa M.5

Sometimes we get dejected. So much effort is put in, but we feel we are nowhere close to Merger or Darshan. In this Shabad, the Sikh reassures himself. I know my Guru is Pura and will take me across with Gur Parsad when He is Pleased. He reflects upon his journey so far.

It is only when God is Merciful to you, that your mind focuses upon Him; serving the True Guru (Shabad), all rewards are obtained.

“Prabh hoye Kirpaal ta eh mann layee; Satgur sev sabhe falh payee.”

O my mind why are you so sad? My True Guru (Shabad) is Perfect; He is the Giver of Blessings, Treasure of all Comforts, an overflowing Pool of Ambrosial Nectar.

“Mann kyo bairaag karega Satgur mera Pura; mansa ka Dataa Sabh Sukh Nidhaan Amrit Sar sadh hi bharpoora.” (rahao).

One who enshrines His Lotus Feet (Bani) in his heart; his Divine Light gets manifest, and he meets the Beloved Lord.

“Charan Kamal ridh antar dharey; pargatee Jote milhe Raam Pyare.”

His five companions (dya, dhiraj, sat, santokh, dharam) come together to sing songs of joy (Gurbani); and the Unstruck Melody resounds within.

“Panch sakhi milh mangal gaaya; Anhad Bani naad vajaaieya.”

When Guru Nanak (Shabad roop) is pleased, one meets the Lord King; now the night passes by peacefully with intuitive ease.

“Gur Nanak tutha miliya Har Rai ; sukh rainn vihanee sahaj subhai.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Assa