SGGS Angg 695.

Raag Dhanaasree – Bhagat Sain Ji.

(With respect, my translation differs greatly from that found on the net).

Bhagat Sain Ji has only one Shabad in SGGS Ji. This Shabad is loosely clustered as one of the Aarti Shabads because it speaks of the samagree (ingredients) normally used in Aarti by Hindus. Bhagat Ji stresses here, that His Aarti is not by ritual use of samagree to appease any devi deva, but is truly performed by singing the Praises of the All Pervading Lord, the Creator of all.

Bhagat Ji stresses that this Aarti (of singing His Praises is directed to “Niranjan Kamlaa Pati” i.e. the Immaculate, Pure Lord, Creator of all maya (which is perishable).

Bhagat Ji starts by telling us the world uses incense, lamps and ghee for it’s lamp lighted worship (Aarti).

“Dhoop deep ghrit saaj aarti.” (all that is used is perishable – maya ).

But what I do is “I sing the Praises of the Lord (Creator) of maya.”

“Vaarne jaao Kamla Pati.”

In the rahao, Bhagat Ji again emphasises that he sings the Joyous Praises of the All Pervading King.

“Manglaa Har manglaa; nit manggal Raja Raam Rai ko.” (rahao).

Using the imagery of worldly Aarti, Bhagat Ji continues by saying that singing His Praises is the Exalted Lamp, and the Wick which lights up and gives Illumination, is Pure (Naam); O my Lord, You are Immaculate (Pure) and the Lord of all maya (wealth, worldly riches, perishables).

“Uttam diaraa nirmal batee; Tuhi Niranjan Kamlaa Pati.”

The Saint of the All Pervading Lord experiences Divine Joy; as he recites the Name of the Perfect (Complete) Lord of Supreme Bliss.

“Rama bhagat Ramanand jaane; Puran Parmanand bakhaane.”

O Lord of Wondrous Form please ferry me across the terrifying world ocean; Sain says, worship (recite His Name) the Lord of Supreme Bliss.

“Maddan Muratt bhay taar Gobinday; Sain bhanne bhajj Parmanaday.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Dhanaasree